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Monster yellow catfish caught in Belton Lake

by fishermensknot

Two friends catch a huge yellow catfish (Flathead) out of Belton Lake.  There is nothing like catfishing with a friend, and it gets even better when you’re catching fish.  Not only did these two friends who work together catch fish, they caught a monster yellow catfish.

The two caught the catfish on shad.  Shad is one of my favorite baits to use when fishing for larger catfish like flathead and blue’s.  They used the latest technology to land the monster, but it’s still a great accomplishment.

The men use state-of- the-art sonar equipment in the form of a Humminbird Helix 12 equipped with a Mega-type transducer to comb over likely fish-holding areas as they proceed downwind. When a fish is spotted on sonar, they turn back into the wind and proceed upwind more slowly right back over the path they just traveled, as indicated with a “snail trail” on the sonar unit’s mapping feature. Via kdhnews.com

For those who don’t know, a yellow catfish is a flathead or in some areas a shovelhead.  Here in Missouri, we call them flatheads.  They grow to be very large and are the second largest freshwater fish in North America.  It’s not uncommon to catch a 50-60 lb. flathead, but they can grow up to 100 lbs. and more.  A record flathead was landed in Kansas at the Elk City Reservoir.

Record setting monster flathead caught in Illinois.

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