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Best places to fish for blue catfish in Texas

by fishermensknot
catching blue catfish Trinity River Texas

Fishing for blue catfish in Texas isn’t much different than fishing for blue catfish in Mississippi. Each region has its time frame to catch the biggest, the most, and bait preference. It’s as simple as finding the best places to fish for catfish in Texas and bring a variety of bait along with you.

When I lived in Texas, the best time of the year was very early spring.

Best Bait To Catch Texas Blue Catfish

You can catch blue cats in Texas on a variety of baits but if you want to land a big monster, live baits are the way to go. My go-to bait is shad and bluegills. No matter where I go in the U.S., shad seems to work best for catching big catfish.

My next choice for baits would be skipjack and shiners. You can’t go wrong with any live bait when fishing for blue or flathead catfish.

Fish the bait around rocks cover and old trees. If they’re feeding, and you have a big piece of live bait in their face, they’ll bite.

Best Places To Catch Texas Blue Catfish

I’ve found the reservoirs to be great spots to land some nice size blue’s in and around Texas. One of my favorite catfish holes in Texas is late night fishing on the Guadalupe.

I’ve caught tons of blue’s there on different types of bait. We never really caught a lot of monsters there, but you can land plenty around 5-12 lbs.

The next best place to fish for catfish in Texas for me was the Trinity River. I had lots of luck catching flatheads there. Get some large bluegills or perch and you can catch them all day.

We’ve put plenty of 20-30 lb. flatheads in the boat there.  When you’re on the Trinity, find some deep holes and water cause you might end up fighting alligator gar all day.

Texas is a great place to fish for channels, flatheads, and blue catfish. There are plenty of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs where you can fill your boat with trophy size fish.

Lots of places like the Colorado River has tons of monsters that feed on a variety of bait. You can catch blue catfish there on shrimp and nightcrawlers.

Just remember to watch your poles. They grow em big in Texas.

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