Anglers catch a 38 lbs. catfish in the Winston-Salem’s Pier Catfish Tournament

by fisherme

How cool is it to catch a monster trophy catfish in a tournament.  I don’t know that feeling.  Maybe because I’ve never fish in a catfishing tournament.  If I did, I’d be happy catching a 38 lb. catfish.  I’m not sure if it was a record or if the fishermen came in first place.

The winner of Winston-Salem’s Pier Catfish Tournament landed a whopping 38-pound, 8-ounce catfish at Salem Lake on Saturday evening. Via

The Winston-Salem lake looks like a great place to go catfishing.  I’m not a big fan of pier fishing because it could be hard landing a big catfish.  You’d need a very strong net with a long and sturdy handle. I’m not sure how you’d land a 38 lb. catfish from a pier.

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